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About Integrative Healing Arts

Health and Wellness for Mind, Body and Spirit

Welcome! Thank you for making time to visit this site.
I am a passionate and creative educator with a unique integrative approach to teaching an infusion of both the healing and visual arts. Throughout my career as a visual arts instructor I have been blessed with opportunities to integrate a variety of health and wellness exercises including meditation, yoga and breathwork into a creative practice. After giving birth to my daughter, Zoe Joy in 2013, I became deeply inspired to create a balanced career where I could continue to be of service to others, while enjoying the precious time of childhood as well as homeschooling. 
The services offered reflect and embody the energy that can be found in both creative and healing work through Reiki, Visual Arts, Classes and Workshops with a unique approach to wellness services for children and teens. As an art teacher for almost 20 years, I feel confident working with the community both individually and collectively. 
Upon receiving a masters degree in Integrative Health and Healing in 2010, my passions for complementary healing practices became a deeper focus and a new direction on my life path emerged. Through my own personal journey in health and wellness, I became devoted to offering help to those seeking assistance on similar paths. My studies in complementary modalities include: Nutrition, Expressive Arts, Reiki, Meditation/Visualization, Aromatherapy, Homeopathy, Flower Essences, Vitamins and Supplements. I thrive in continuing my education and expanding my experiences and look forward to gaining more insight to share! Continuing my path of growth and expansion, I became certified as a Nutrition and Wellness Consultant and Reiki Master/Teacher as well as an Animal Reiki Practitioner. For those who know me personally, know that I am truly passionate about the wellness of families and have studied numerous modalities specific to issues in women, men, children and elders. I practice preventative wellness both in my personal life as well as with clients, with a mindful approach to caring for the whole body through the mind, emotions, physical body, and spirit. I am in full understanding that each person is an individual and is treated with care focused on which modality or combination of modalities serve the individual the best. Always honoring that each of us are composed of various layers of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual planes.
I feel as though I am living a true act of service to be able to share my compassion as an active listener and to create a space that fosters and supports healthy living and expression. Integrative Healing Arts embodies the services that have assisted me on my own continuing life and wellness journey and I look forward to continually expanding the offerings to focus more on the health and wellness of children and adolescents and those in need of guidance or direction through energy, creativity, health and wellbeing! 
In Love, Warmth and Creativity!
Kaitlin Clark
*MA Integrative Health 
*Professional CT Educator (Pre-K-12) Art Education
*Reiki Master/Teacher
*Animal Reiki Practitioner
*BFA Photography
*CNC - Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant 
*NIA Dance - White Belt 

Be grateful for the contrast that life provides. For this is where clarity is born.

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