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In-Home Expressive Arts Therapy

for Children through Adults





The arts offer and provide a deep connection to healing through the process of creating, exploring and allowing to be be present in the moment. Expressive Arts focuses more on the process of creating rather than the overall finsihed product. On my own personal journey in health and wellness, expressive arts became a pivotal piece to allow thoughts, experiences and emotions to be released when I could not express them in words alone. Through creative movement/dance, painting, collage, sculpture/clay, poetry as well as integrative approaches in art and healing, a new window opened where I was able to express and release freely,without judgment of a finished product. 


I am delighted to work with individuals in their home, rehab or hospital (if applicable) in mediums that foster wellness and moving through the process of expressive creation. I often include music and creative writing  to assist this journey as a co-creative experience using a variety of senses. 


I have many years of experience with special needs clients as well as elders. Through providing care and assistance, I have also enjoyed working with elders who have Alzheimer's disease and Dementia and have found great pleasure in providing Expressive Arts in their lives as they are able to sing, paint and create with enthusiasm and joy!

Expressive Arts can also be combined with Wellness Consultations and/or Energy Healing to create a unique package of health, restoration and wellness. Please contact me for more information. 

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