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Dance and Creative Movement 

About my Dance Background ...

A true lover of dance in its many forms, I have been dancing through life! 

I began my dancing journey as a child where I studied Jazz and Tap since the age of five. Continuing my passion for movement, I danced my way through college at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA where I received a BFA in Photography as well as becoming a certified Art Teacher for grades Pre-K through 12. It was here where I expanded my dance experience with Modern, African and Brazilian styles of dance as well as Yoga. Throughout my five years in Philadephia, I worked at the Please Touch Museum where I created and taught workshops in creative movement, interactive storytelling and music and movement for children 18 months through age 7.


Returning back to CT I enrolled myself at the Graduate Institute where I took a new direction in dance and became a certified NIA Dance instructor in 2009 with Casey Bernstein at the Center for Nia and Yoga in Albany, NY. Upon receiving my MA in Integrative Health and Healing, I had the opportunity to delve into my life passions of the healing arts. My classes embody elemental forms of dance infused with positive energy, laughter and that unmistakable free-feeling one recieves when the body is in motion. 


Spring Family Creative Movement

Litchfield Community Center 

Ages 2-5 with a Parent, or Caregiver

$125 per child 
Siblings under 1 are welcome at no extra charge 

To register: Family Creative Movement 

Creative movement and dance focusing on the body, space, relationships, and quality of movement concepts for work alone, with a partner, and in small groups. The techniques and concepts incorporates the uses of problem 
solving, cognitive, cooperative, and improvisation learning techniques. 

Props are also used including beanbags, hula hoops, scarves, jump ropes instruments and more! Children's literature books are the focus on a theme such as numbers, letters, animals, insects, ocean, country, color, farm, etc. Laugh, dance and feel the JOY of movement!


For more information on class offering please see under 'CLASSES'

or Facebook -  Integrative Healing Arts  for Announcements.

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