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Kind Words 


"I received a healing from Kaitlin and it was  a very peaceful session.  I was feeling stressed, during the session I felt the energy shift and began to feel calm.  The information which came through in the session validated what I was struggling with and trying to overcome.  So much was confirmed and Kaitlin offered solutions which moving forward will help me tremendously.  Kaitlin is a truly gifted and amazing healer!"

- Angela

"Kaitlin is insightful, kind, and extremely intuitive. I was able to connect with her quickly and felt immediate peace in her presence. She is a blessing to work with!" - Bonnie Marie

"Kaitlin is truly amazing, gifted and genuine. Her ability to connect with my energy was amazing! I felt a lot of tingling and saw color. Afterwards, I felt relaxed...renewed. Her detailed report afterwards was perfect, much more than I expected. I highly recommend Kaitlin!" - Laurie Baumgartner Pinzel 


"Kaitlin has a direct line to the healing energies of the universe with her Reiki practice. One of the best Reiki sessions I have ever experienced!! Her herbal remedies are excellent also! I use them everyday. I can tell Kait has a profound sense of the energy of the plants she incorporates in her herbal blends. Kaitlin in my opinion is a true healer in every sense of the word!!"

- Kae Kean RM

"I had a Distance Reiki session with Kaitlin and she was spot on! I immediately felt the left side of my body tingle once the session began.The messages that came through were as if she knew what I needed right now. And the images, those blew me away! It was as if she was looking into my life! It was an awesome experience! - D.S.

"Kaitlin is a wonderful healer! I had the privilege of a reiki/spiritual healing session with her in January. Everything that came up was absolutely true for me and really resonated deeply. My session opened me up to things I had not seen before within myself and has allowed me to dig deep with healing myself and my marriage. Thank you so much Kaitlin, you are remarkable!"

-Darlene Campbell 

Reiki Students:

"If your intuition is speaking with you, take this class!" 

"This class is life changing!"

"I took a few reiki sessions with Kaitlin after some very trying times in my life. She was able to help me get grounded and get back to a vibration of peace. She is amazingly intuitive and one of the most compassionate people I have ever met. Don't think about it, just book it."   -Nash Simcoe

"For years I had dealt with with a weak, uneasy stomach. I weighed 195 pounds, which was a little too much for my frame and body type. Ms. Clark helped me wth balancing my nutrition and reducing my dependency on some unhealthy habits. Since receiving guidance from Ms. Clark I have lost 20 pounds and maintained that weight for four years by making healthy dietary choices that fit my mind, body and soul. Without a doubt Ms. Clark has changed my life!" - Michael Rivera


"My three year old daughter and I took Kaitlin's toddler creative movement class, and it was such a joy! It is one of the few truly age-appropriate offerings out there, where toddlers are allowed to be toddlers, and explore music and movement at their own pace, and in a truly non-judgmental environment. Kaitlyn's music selections for the class are varied and inspiring, and really make you want to get up and dance! The class follows a dependable rhythm, which the children love, as they get excited anticipating what the next thing will be (hula hoops, scarves, maracas, etc.). Kaitlin has a wonderful energy, and the kids just love her. My daughter loves this class, and I love the community I have found through Kaitlin."

 -Lisa Levi


"I had been struggling with a chronic hip strain from running. When I approached Kait she instantly knew what I needed and shared with me an incredible salt scrub and oil remedy to use post runs. I had instant results and continue to use her custom made blends as part of my running routine. Kait you are a miracle worker and I am so grateful to have your positive energy in my life!!!"  - Beth Harvison 


"Kaitlin is one of the most creative and inspirational people I have ever known. Her positive loving energy lights up the atmosphere and warms hearts wherever she goes."  -Nicole A. 


"Kait was extremely supportive, enthusiastic and informative with the care she gave me. Every detail about improving my mind, body and soul was relayed in a way that I could understand and be confident with pursuing. This included extensive diet information, meditation guides, flower essence support and astrological advice. I am looking forward to also seeing her for Reiki and I highly recommend her expertise." - Kevin K. 



"Ms. Clark is very open to creativity. I have learned a lot about art including how to make art and observe art. She is a great teacher that also helps explain everything when I need help."    - Megan 


Ms. Clark is a wonderful art teacher. She lets you take any creative ideas you have and make them into a beautiful piece of art."  - Olivia





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