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Nutrition  and Wellness Services

*Individual One-Time Consultations*

*Long-Term Commitment Packages*

 *Partner Consultations*

*Wellness Plans*

About Nutrition and Wellness Counseling Services

As a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, my goal is to work with clients to create sustainable, healthy relationships with food and ourselves. To form the best plan for individuals, couples and families, I assess the current lifestyle of clients and look for areas that may need adjusting. Through an evaluation of lifetsyle practices including stress, how one eats, physical activity, and medical history, I am able to offer plans for lifestyle changes that are both practical and sustainable. The intention and focus is more about creating a nutrition and wellness plan that can be maintained realistically over time, rather than dieting. As one who is a devout organic food grower, I also love to incorporate local agriculture into meal plans for optimal seasonal nutrition! Some clients may be recommended supplements as well as guidance to help stay motivated. Individual Meal Plans, including recommended servings of the various food groups are also included, as well as recipes, articles and nutrition information. 

Individual One-Time Consultation

A one-time 90 minute session is excellent for those who may not be ready for a longer commitment, someone who may want to feel it out or someone who needs a boost of creative energy to shift their gears into change. This is for those who want a new look from an insightful and trustworthy outside vantage point. I am happy to offer advice, resources, relate from experience, and help you formulate a plan or your next big step. We collaborate to set the goals, then we will begin drawing up a plan of action together. Skype/Phone Consultations are also available! 


One-Time 90 minute Health and Wellness Consultation: $180

* The shopping/tour cost may vary depending on store location and number of attendees.

Nutrition and Health Consultations may be held at Rebecca Linn Massage Therapy at 26 Bank Street in New Milford or in-home. 


*Rate for Individual 60-minute Sessions are $125 per hour


 Topics in Consultation Sessions may include: 


 - Meal Plan with recommended daily dietary exchanges  

 - Evaluation of current eating habits 

 - Kitchen Clean-out (in-home cabinet clean out to refresh and start new with healthy options)

 - Portion Control 

 - Label Reading for Optimal Nutrition 

 - Dietary Changes - Gluten free, Elimination diets (Dairy, Soy, etc.), Vegetarian, etc. 

 - Reducing Inflammation

 - Digestive Support

 - Healing/Recovery 

 - Meal planning and Cooking support

 - Grocery shopping guidance (At the store of your choice with up to three shoppers.)*

 - Adolescent through Adult - Balanced Living (Stress management practices)

 - Time management and Goal Setting

 - Exercise Plan including Physical / Creative movement Practices for Mind and Body

 - Long Term Commitment check-ins  (checking back in after a 6 month period to refocus and gather new resources)


This option is great for those wanting a one-time consultation and not an ongoing relationship. From this consultation you will be able to take new insights from the experience back out into the world, with a new perspective on your goals and focused direction. 


Wellness Plan ~ This plan is focused upon the emotional, mental and physical well-being of the individual. It's a great option if you are looking to work through a life transition, challenge or fear, beginning a new path or to manage daily living. 

Topics can range from stress reduction, to anxiety relief to recovery as well as working though life transitions.

A Wellness Plan can range from 60-90 minutes in length and may include suggested lifestyle changes that are incorporated in this session including: flower essences, herbal teas, energy healing and exercises. 

Wellness Plan Intake Form 

60-Minute Wellness Plan ~ $80

90-Minute Wellness Plan ~ $120


Custom Herbal Tea Blends ~ Includes a 15-20 minute consultation that may be in person or over the phone.

Custom herbal tea blends can be addressed for a variety of purposes. Herbal teas can serve as a wonderful addition to any health and wellness plan including sooothing the nervous system, supporting the adrenal glands, specific men/women support and for children. After addressing your specific needs, a custom formula will be blended and can be used daily. 

*Cost varies: $25-$40 ~ Please contact me for details. Shipping costs may also apply. 


Custom Flower Essence Blends ~ Includes a 15-20 minute consultation that may be in person or over the phone.

Custom Flower Essence Blends can also be used for a variety of purposes and life stages. As part of the Reiki Energy Healing or on their own, they help to address emotional roots of healing and transition. They can serve as a catalyst for life-changing decisions (career path, motivation, relationships, etc.) help to soothe the soul in times of loss, provide support to children, teens through adult, in life stages of development as well as in times of dis-ease. 

*Cost varies: $25-$40 ~ Please contact me for details. Shipping costs may also apply. 


Nutrition and Wellness Packages

If clients are taking steps to improve upon their lives in a process over time, I strongly encourage a 6-Month Commitment. This is the time it takes to integrate grounded, sustainable foundations for new habits and lifestyle changes. 

Custom Consultations may also be arranged on an individual basis if more time is needed. 

Clients are billed at the beginning of the month and have 30 days to remit payment. Total rates are per month.

Skype/Phone Consultations are also available! 

Nutrition Intake Form 


Individual Nutrition and Wellness Counseling

6 -Month Commitment 2x / month, one hour each session*  $240 (save $60)

6 -Month Commitment 4x / month (weekly), one hour each session*  $460  (save $240)

*First Initial consultation is 90 minutes

*Session by session or single once a month maintenance check-ins: $125


Couples/Family Nutrition and Wellness Counseling

Couples can be partners, roommates, siblings, parent/child or friends. Couples can be living in the same home or not. Often times we commit on a deeper level when we are on an inspiring adventure to make healthy changes with someone close to us.

Family Nutrition and Wellness Plans are also available.  


6 -Month Commitment 2x / month, one hour each session*  $340 (save $60)

6 -Month Commitment 4x / month (weekly), one hour each session*  $640 (save $360)

*First Initial consultation is 90 minutes

*Session by session or single once a month maintenance check-ins: $175.00 



Certified Nutrition and Wellness Counselor with AFPA - American Fitness Professionals and Associates.

Nutrition and Wellness Consultations can be made by phone, skype or preferably in person. 

Custom Wellness Packages that include various modalities ie: Reiki, Nutrition/Health Consultations are also available. 

Feel free to contact me for a free 15-minute initial consultation at (860) 488-0254 to see if one of these options works for you. 

Sliding scale is also available. 



Disclaimer: The services or products provided are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment that can be provided by your physician, therapist, licensed dietitian or nutritionist, or any other health care professional.  I am not a medical health practitioner or mental health provider. This site and its services are here to serve clients through coaching, mentoring and guidance who help you reach your own health and wellness goals through implementing incremental, sustainable lifestyle changes that help you live and thrive.

It is advised that you to speak with your own physician before implementing any suggestions from this website, blog, e-mails, programs, services and/or products, including but not limited to before taking any medication, herbal, ayruvedic or homeopathic supplement; engaging in an elimination diet, detox or cleanse; performing deep breathing exercises; or participating in any other aspect of a food, diet, exercise or lifestyle program. Please do not disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking professional advice if you are experiencing a medical issue.  Do not stop taking any medications without speaking to your physician or health care professional. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, please contact your health care provider promptly. 


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