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Reiki and Intuitive Guidance sessions make a wonderful gift of wellness for relaxation, stress/anxiety relief, pain relief, revitalization, creative inspiration and general health and well being. Each session is intuitively personalized. Time is given both before and after the session for questions and reflections on what was felt and experienced. Kaitlin will also share any messages and guidance that was received at the end of each session. This can create long lasting effects as these sessions assist in opening the energy channels throughout the body. In doing so, this allows an awakening for the soul to openly and fully express itself from the inside out. After each session she will also sit with you and discuss what occurred and how to integrate your experience, moving forward. 

Reiki Holiday Specials 

Give the Gift of Health with Reiki & Intuitive Guidance
Prices below reflect a 10% discount  


This season, treat a loved one to the gift of healing with Reiki. During a Reiki session, one finds deep relaxation and peace. During this state, our bodies are most able to find balance, healing and allow the body to restore its natural state of vitality both physically and mentally. Give the gift of light and wellness this holiday season with Reiki! 

Holiday Special 2-Sessions 
Includes one 90-minute session and one 60-minute session  ... $279

Holiday Special 3-Sessions 
Includes one 90-minute session and two 60-minute sessions ... $400

Holiday Special two 90-minute Sessions ... $315 
Get one for a loved one and one for yourself! 

Holiday Special - 2 Distance Sessions  ... $170 
Includes two 60-minute distance sessions  

In-Home Holiday Special - 3 Sessions ... $540
Includes three 90-minute sessions                              

Holiday Special - Animal Reiki Special- 3 Sessions
Includes three 30-minute sessions via phone/distance ... $175

All Holiday Gift Specials purchased by Sunday, 12/31 are valid for one year through December 31st, 2024. Sessions are held in New Milford, CT. Custom Gift Certificates are available. Please contact me for additional information. 

To purchase a gift certificate, please email or call Kaitlin at: or (860) 488-0254

Paypal and Venmo options are also available. 

Holiday Gift Specials are available through Sun. 12/31/2023 and can be emailed, mailed or picked up in person in New Milford or Litchfield, CT.
Happy Holidays! 

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