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Organic Face Painting


I am delighted to offer Organic Face/Body Painting for Parties, Celebrations, Family gatherings, etc. Please contact me for more information! 


 About the Organic Paints  ~ Go Green Face Paint

Go Green Face Paint is an organic rice cream and jojoba oil based face and body paint most commonly used by professional face paint artists and performers of fine theatres for it's long-lasting, drip-free and suitability for multiple uses on sensitive skin, and convenient packaging for longer shelf life. Go Green Face Paint is formulated with blends of high quality organic ingredients - are all free from heavy metals, artificial dyes, preservatives and fragrances. Go Green Face Paint is safe for everyday use on skin, eyes and lips. Natural Ingredients Go Green Face Paint are manufactured using only the finest natural minerals, plant extracts and organic oils that are perfect for everyday use, even on the most sensitive skin. NO ANIMAL TESTING, NO BEESWAX, NO LANOLIN, NO CHEMICALS, NO PERFUME, N0 SYNTHETIC DYE, NO PRESERVATIVES, NO BISMUTH, NO PARABENS, NO CARMINE, NO TALC, NO LEAD OR OTHER HEAVY METALS.


Ingredients: Organic jojoba oil, Organic castor oil, Titanium dioxide, Tin oxide, Iron oxide, Sericite, Cosmetic grade rice powder, Mica, Triglyceride (derives from coconut), Polyglyceryl oleate. No animal ingredients, No animal testing, Green Office Certified, Recommended by Martha Stewart Whole Living, Feingold Association & Wilmington Parent Magazine Made with pride Go Green Face Paint are proudly designed, formulated and created exclusively for children, by mothers for children with allergies.










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